Hi.  My name is Cindy and I adore Pugs.  Really, thats all you need to know about me but my Husband says I really should write a little bit more, otherwise my "about" page could end up being a bit boring, not to mention being very very short

The man had a point and so here's a little bit about me

I used to have a shop in Brighton UK called Mama San.  I sold nice things to nice people.  

My Pug obsession started way back when a customer bought his Pug into the shop.  The Pug was called Ringo. He was awesome!!

One sunny day I came across Gemma Correll through Kate Seaward form I Like pens.

Needles to say I feel in love with Gemma's Pug illustrations.  I became a stockist of her awesome designs and then we did some collaborations. Including: Pugs and Kisses, Brighton Rocks and My Pug Mug. 

I closed the shop in 2013 but continued to sell "on the line"

One day I decided to just sell pug things on my website.  Some thought it was a cool idea, some did'n but I went ahead and did it anyway

And here I am with a new logo and everything!! Designed by guess who? Yep, the one and only Ms Correll.

I'm super happy with my new look store, and hope you like it too

Peace xxx

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